grabbing the mic and passing it on

selected speaking engagements

public events

महिलाका आँखामा दलित महिलाका संघर्ष (2020), Martin Chautari & Dalit Reader

Power and Patriarchy (2019), Kantipur Conclave

Does Digital Technology Build or Break Movements? (2018), Grinnell College, Wilson Center

This Bridge Called My Back: Women of Color and the Fight for Economic Security (2015), Women’s City Club of New York & Safety Net Project, Urban Justice Center

Spotlight on Forced Labor: Human Trafficking Panel (2015; 2013), South Asian Bar Association of NY

Organizing Workers through Language Access and Literacy Challenges (2015), Long Island Language Advocates Coalition

Labor and Global Solidarity Mini-Conference – Keynote Speaker (2013), Murphy Institute for Worker Education

The Myth of the American Dream for Nepali-speaking Immigrants in USA (2013), Martin Chautari, Kathmandu

Forum on a Groundbreaking New Treaty to Protect Domestic Workers Worldwide (2011), Open Society Foundations

Public events, conferences, and classes at various educational institutions, including CUNY, NYU, Grinnell College, Princeton University, Ramapo College, and Cornell University.

radio, podcasts, television

Essential Work, Mutual Aid & Nepal (2021), Time to Say Goodbye

Memories of Migration (2019), Queens Memory Podcast

Nepal Earthquake Relief (2015),

What Is Organizing (2015), In Their Own Words, New York Foundation

Immigration Reform Bill: Where Do We Stand? (2014), Sampreshan

The Road to Minimum Wage (2012), The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC


Nepali Women in Queens Challenge Tradition, Taking Lead With Quake Aid, The New York Times (2015)

The best way to help victims of Nepal earthquake? The World (2015)

Editorial: Justice for Nail Salon Workers, The New York Times (2015)

How Can You Get an Ethical Manicure? Support Worker Organizing, The Nation (2015)

4 Tips on How to Get an Ethical Manicure, Allure Magazine (2015)

Five Ways to Help Nail Salon Workers, Jacobin Magazine (2015)

‘This only happened because people organized.’ Nail salon workers speak out after NYT exposé, (2015)

When It Comes to Wage Abuses, It’s Not Just the Nail Salons, The New York Times (2015)

Conversation with 25 Leaders in Action, AAPIP (2015)

Adhikaar: From Knowledge to Action, Dream Magazine (2014)

Nepali immigrants pushing for better working conditions at city’s nail salons, New York Daily News (2012)

Domestic Workers Look to Extend Gains, Truthout (2012)

Is the ‘$1.5 Million Maid’ an Isolated Case? New York Times (2012)

The New Domestic Order: Passage of a “Bill of Rights” in New York would be a promising win for a growing movement, The Nation (2009)

A helping hand for Nepali women new to New York, New York Daily News (2008)

For a People Overlooked, a Lens at Last, The New York Times (2007)