writing across and between boundaries of personal and political, state and society, United States and Nepal, poetry and prose

selected writing


children pray for gray days/collateral damage #1,” Chestnut Review (3:1)

Rain Dance,” “Instructions for the Second Shift,” Bronx Memoir Project Volume V Anthology

Memory,” The Margins (A World Without Cages), Asian American Writers Workshop

Home,” “Waiting to Exhale,” “Hole in my Heart,” “Taste of Freedom,” Newtown Literary

प्रतिरोध बोल्छ मेरो उपनिवेशित जिब्रो,” Koseli

they come in pairs,” Medium


नेवा: समुदायभित्रै छन् रूपा, करूणा र दीपाहरू,” Setopati

सीमान्तकरणको वास्तविकता र योग्यतातन्त्रको मिथक,” Jhan Naya

निरीह छैनन् महिला श्रमिक,” Jhan Naya

Sacred Time,” Spiral Magazine, Rubin Museum

Long Distance Mourning,” Five Minute Literature

Power To Redefine Family,"Take The Lead

Growing Literary Roots in Queens,” Newtown Literary Blog

Families Fractured by Immigration Need Reform,” Women’s eNews

First Timer: Why I Must Vote As a U.S. Citizen,” Women’s eNews

After Reforms, Why Are Nail Salon Workers Not Seeing Swift Justice?Truthout

Year of Buying Nothing,” Medium

Indebted Immigrant,” Medium

Childfree…by choice,” Medium

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